Monday, February 27, 2012

The Moon Embracing The Sun Ep 17 Preview

드디어 풀린 의문에 절규의 오열을 쏟아낸 훤은, 활인서로 연우를 찾아와 뜨겁게 그
녀를 품에 안는다. 그러나 갑자기 활인서에 복면자객들이 나타나 연우를 공격하자
양명과 운, 훤은 그녀를 엄호하고, 그 과정에서 양명은 자객들을 따돌리며 연우의 손
을 잡고 어디론가 달려간다.

한편 연우를 놓친 윤대형은 성수청으로 자객을 보내 녹영을 처리하라 은밀히 명하
고, 훤은 연우를 데리고 사라진 양명을 떠올리며 눈빛이 매서워지는데..


The Moon Embracing The Sun Ep 17 Preview

Alongside on the ultimately fixed puzzle, Hwon let's we all out there anguished yowls and in addition sobs, and also switches into the particular infirmary to get Yeon Woo specifically in which this individual lays eyes upon the girl passionately. even so, any time masked assassins quickly show up and also strike Yeon Woo, Yang Myung, Woon and also Hwon be quick to cover the girl. During that training, Yang Myung distracts the particular masked assassins and definately will acquire Yeon Woo's palm to work apart.

Yoon, which boasts misplaced Yeon Woo, requests his / her assassins to look and also covertly get rid of Nok Younger as an alternative. circumstance, Hwon replays the particular industry in which Yang Myung got Yeon Woo apart additionally rage melts away coming from their face...

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