Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Moon Embracing the Sun Episode 15 Recap

The Moon Embracing the Sun Episode 15 Recap

Unconfirmed as well as unofficial spoiler, most likely dependent upon piece concerning book, study along with any kind of touch associated with sodium, that they're up-to-date

Wol chooses in order to follow revenger following recuperating the girl storage.

Wol results in order to medical center treatment home as well as protects poor people. Yang Myung that is actually launched through captivity might navigate to the infirmary to find out Wol. Wol that obtained the girl storage identifies Yang Myung. Each of these life in the infirmary to take care of poor people.

On a single additional hands, to be able to check up on upon how's Wol achieving, Hwon privately sneaks within the infirmary, however exactly what he or she might be taking a look at is actually Wol together with Yang Myung operating collectively contentedly as well as sweetly.

the actual envy associated with Hwon flower, eventually Hwon summons Wol an additional chance towards the structure.

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