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My Husband Got a Family Drama Trailers

Drama Title: My Husband Got a Family
Korean Title: 넝쿨째 굴러온 당신
Romanization: Neong-kool-jjae Gool-leo-on Dang-sin
Also Known As: Unexpected You / You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly
Chinese Name: 順藤而上的你 / 順藤而上
Japanese Name: 棚ぼたのあなた
Genre: Family
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 25 February 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Saturday and Sunday 7:55 PM

Preceded By: Ojakgyo Family
Followed By:

Plot Summary

The particular episode shows the particular account regarding TV SET collection movie director Hong Yoon Hee along with physician Hammer Gwi Nam if they acquire wedded, which as of this level satisfies together with not reasonable mother-in-law.


Currently she gets children! Currently she gets in-laws! Grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law. It's not actually the idea. About three sisters-in-law! the full deal only progresses straight into your ex lifestyle! Expanding means way up, Hong Yun Hui got sustained ample via house situations involving your ex the mother along with your ex paternal nanna! The girl will not desire getting betrothed in order that the young lady might not get just about any in-laws that you can bring about difficulties.

On the other hand, the girl complies with the excellent go with - A new Korean-American adoptee at the moment doing work with the standard infirmary throughout Seoul. He has been sensible along with family members existence throughout manhattan. Isn't really they your wonderful lick? The idea appeared like Yun Hui may go forward using satisfied escape to paris lifestyle for a long time. On the other hand, circumstances isn't really commonly that will variety.

Your ex partner's responses detects the neurological friends! So this means Yun Hui at the moment features in-laws. What on earth is more serious along with astounding will be the simple fact your ex in-laws are generally this specific next-door others who live nearby whom select spats using Yun Hui every day. Yun Hui's lifestyle using in-laws commences this way. Daily can be for the warfare. Experiencing adversaries united family members. Would it truly always be probable?


Family of Cha Yoon Hee

Kim Nam Joo (김남주) as Cha Yoon Hee (차윤희)
Kim Young Ran (김영란) as Han Man Hee (한만희)
Kim Yong Hee (김용희) as Cha Se Joong (차세중)
Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁) as Cha Se Gwang (차세광)
Jin Kyung (진경) as Min Ja Young (민자영)

Little Family of Bang Gwi Nam

Yoo Joon Sang (유준상) as Terry Kang / Bang Gwi Nam (테리 강 / 방귀남)
Kim Sang Ho (김상호) as Bang Jung Bae (방정배)
Nah Young Hee (나영희) as Jang Yang Sil (장양실)
Shim Yi Young (심이영) as Bang Ko Ok (방고옥)
Kwak Dong Yun (곽동연) as Bang Jang Goon (방장군)

Seniors in the Family of Bang Gwi Nam

Yoon Yeo Jung (윤여정) as Uhm Chung Ae (엄청애)
Jang Yong (장용) as Bang Jang Soo (방장수)
Kang Boo Ja (강부자) as Jeon Mak Rye (전막례)


Yang Jung Ah (양정아) as Bang Il Sook (방일수)
Jo Yoon Hee (조윤희) as Bang Yi Sook (방이숙)
Oh Yeon Seo (오연서) as Bang Mal Sook (방말숙)

Maternal Aunts

Yoo Ji In (유지인) as Uhm Bo Ae (엄보애)
Yang Hee Kyung (양희경) as Uhm Soon Ae (엄순애)

Other Characters

Lee Hee Joon (이희준) as Chun Jae Yong (천재용)
Kim Won Joon (김원준) as Yoon Bin (윤빛)
Kim Hyung Bum (김형범) as Nam Nam Goo (남남구)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Hyung Suk (김형석)
Writer: Park Ji Eun (박지은)

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)
Date Episode Nationwide (TNS) Seoul (TNS) Nationwide (AGB) Seoul (AGB)
25 February 2012 1
26 February 2012 2

My Husband Got a Family Traier

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