Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream High 2 Ep 12 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary For Dream High 2 Ep 12 - Synopsis overview for Dream High 2 Episode 12 Korean Drama

Insight article body here...aeventually JB decides Hae Sung, and also Yoo Jin and Rian grown to be partner.

After the mate selection is confirmed, everybody learned all about the plan of Kang Chul caused by Rian. Yoo Jin that's shocked and negatively disturbed stays in confront Kang Chul.

Kang Chul tells Yoo Jin until this plan could be much better through his hardworking go to the trouble. Kang Chul gives Yoo Jin this contract of OZ special event and tells him the specific conditions of his mum and dad.

The half-believe Yoo Jin travels to parents’ home. Yoo Jin crumbles into confusion.

Yoo Jin who humps into JB gives your boyfriend or girlfriend a punch without allowing him possible opportunity speak. And Yoo Jin could be getting even angrier after knowning that JB knows about many of entire matters.

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