Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream High 2 Ep 14 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary Dream High 2 Ep 14 - Synopsis overview for Dream High 2 Ep 14 Korean Drama

Next Hae Sung suggested to help JB to split, your woman turns away plus departs. JB chases right right after her. JB involves in accident as he tried to cross the road to help you grab Hae Sung, and was hit with all the car approaching at high speed.

Because of the accidental injury, the life of JB by employing singer career becomes difficult. However, JB comforts Hae Sung that they are fine and don’t be anxious of him.

Rian blames Hae Sung for any accident, and asks her never to appear when before JB anymore.
Hae Sung that's feeling guilty would not visit JB from your hospital ward.

Looking in the great Hae Sung, Yoo Jin is usually sadden. He could not bear to continue view Hae Sung with that state. Although he or she includes confessed to Hae Sung, but he still really helps arrange for JB and Hae Sung so as to meet.

In the previous quest, Hae Sung asks Rian that will sing that song built by her.

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