Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Equator Man Ep 3 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary for Episode 3 of The Equator Man

Seon Woo and Jang Il desperately tried to stick together as they fight for the President. Jang Il accidentally meets Soo Mi in the train and Jang Il once again breaks her heart by insulting her. But Soo Mi learns that her father Gwang Choon has implicated Yong Bae in the death of Kyeong Pil…

Meanwhile, Jang Il starts his life as a university student in Seoul and is happy to meet Ji Won again but Seon Woo learns that Yong Bae was involved in the death of Kyeong Pil so Jang Il hits Seon Woo in the head with a wood to stop him from submitting a petition/complaint…

The Equator Man Ep 3 Preview

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