Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion King Ep 1 Synopsis

Fashion King Ep 1 Synopsis
Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of Fashion King, Synopsis overview for The Fashion King Ep 1.

Young Gul watched the modern product launch event of your famous company, he immediately drew the design of clothing for the growing season, and rushed to manufacturing urgently to release the item to market for revenue.

Ga Young is accepted for admission by a famous overseas design classes, but the president will be unwilling to let the girl studies abroad.

The daughter of president organizes a party within the store, accidentally causes this fire. Ga Young who stays in the store is thus negatively affected. The penniless Ga Young is ousted through the president.

Ga Young relates to the shop of Young Gul determined by a recruitment ads. Ga Young doesn't agree with the habits of Young Gul whom copies that branded layout, and they part in bad terms.

Young Gal sees the entire name of Ga younger by chance, and he remembers bygones that happened long previously.

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