Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion King Ep 3 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary for Episode 3 of Fashion King

Young Gul is being brushed aside by Jae Hyuk. He becomes homeless in addition to wanders and struggles to the street with hunger. he heads to consulate to help Younggeol (Yoo Ah-In) resolved to go down streets, starving. He heads to claim that he is the victim of mutiny on this phone the ship, instead they're accused as a prison and been reported to police.

After grasping the relationship, Young Gul escapes, reunites using Ga Young after twists along with turns.

In order to not ever affect and violate Bong Sook, Ga Young finds a house to stay together having Young Gul. They attract a sewing machine along with the two persons begin to make clothes tirelessly.

While youthful Gul is selling garments at flea market, he receives an enterprise card from a guy. He encounters Anna when simply finding the man.

Fashion King Ep 3 Preview

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