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The King 2 Hearts Ep 1 Synopsis

The King 2 Hearts Ep 1 Synopsis
Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of The King 2 Hearts, Synopsis overview for The The King 2 Hearts Ep 1.

On the planet Officers Championship (WOC) where by officers from 16 countries gather for friendly rivalry, the North Korea and South Korea just go send a joint group to participate. In these kinds of situation, in order in order to let Kim Hang goodness me to participate the WOC, the education institution connected with North Korea Special makes promises that if your lady manages to win the top end 3 positions, the party will accountable for her wedding. So, she decides to play the exercise.

For the actual prince Jae Ha, after his discharge from the military service, the royal commission requests him to decide on between participating in WOC or leave the palace being penniless commoner. So the prince agrees to take part in the exercise.

Eventually, while in the background of North as well as South Korea’s officers gather together, Hang Ah methods Jae Ha and greets him.

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The extremely secular as well as materialistic South Korean knight in shining armor (King’s younger brother) is all about to be discharged with the military. He is awaiting returning to the life as the royal family.

North Korean woman instructor Kim Hang goodness me, who won the North Korean People’s military Freestyle Fighting Championship, is heartbroken over the increasing scars on the woman's face.

Meanwhile, after some sort of blind date with a strong upright elimate man, Hang Ah walks towards the front of the residence.

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