Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The King 2 Hearts Ep 2 Synopsis

The King 2 Hearts Ep 2 Synopsis
Synopsis Summary for Episode 2 of The King 2 Hearts, Synopsis overview for The King 2 Hearts Ep 2.

Jae Ha that is sharing a room together with Hang Ah, thinks on the words said by Hang Ah in a given period before. He monitors each and every moves of Hang goodness me.

Kim Bong Goo who manages the president secretly assassinates Suk Woo, and becomes the master of Club M smoothly.

as a way to teach Lee Jae ha who sets against her in everything, Hang goodness me devises a plat. Hang Ah and her North Korean teammates within WOC pretend that we have a weapon to assassinate that South Korean royal spouse and children.

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