Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rooftop Prince Ep 1 Synopsis

Rooftop Prince Ep 1 Synopsis

Overhead prince Lee Gak will be furious after discovering crown princess was drowned. Lee Gak thinks that crown princess seemed to be murdered, and determines to determine the real criminal. But his other subjects allege that this isn't a case of homicide, but rather it’s brought on by crown princess lost your girlfriend footing and fell directly into water.

In order to understand the truth, crown knight in shining armor Lee Gak gathers tune Man Bo, Do Chi San plus Woo Yong Sul.

After learning that there was eye-witness around the day the crown princess died, Lee Gak and their three entourages rush into the home of the person, but are chased by assassins towards cliff.

On the various other hand, Park Ha meets crown prince and his three entourages on the rooftop room.

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