Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Strongest K-POP Survival Ep 1 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of The Strongest K-POP Survival

Seung Yeon is studying in English National Music School which can be proud in its traditions. In the earnest plus series technical subject evaluation, she plays the hip-hop model of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, scary the professors. In the final, she is dropping from the school, and has no choice but catch a flight returning to Korea.

Coincidentally, the famous group M2 has simply just completed the unprecedented lavish performance in Paris. Seung Yeon that is on the same flight journey Woo Hyun by likelihood, drinks to her heart’s articles and sleeps, but is awaken thanks to turbulence. As she feels stomach discomfort, Seung Yeon hurriedly corners to washroom, but instead seeing the red “in use” easy. She covers and is held her mouth, eventually vomit onto Woo Hyun who walks beyond washroom.

The Strongest K-POP Survival Ep 1 Preview

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