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Watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band Eps 10 - Eng Sub HD

안구정화’의 아슬아슬 데뷔 무대는 화제가 되면서 음악프로그램 차트를 점령하며 급부상하고, 하늘을 찌르는 인기에 쉬는 날도 없어진 ‘안구정화’. 겨우 자유시간을 얻게 된 ‘안구정화’는 모두 들뜬 마음으로 개인 시간을 보낼 생각을 하지만 현수는 혼자 개인 활동으로 지방으로 촬영을 간다. 지혁은 그런 현수에게 괜히 미안한 마음에 차가운 말들을 던지고 마는데…

한편 HR엔터테인먼트와 정식음반 계약을 기대하고 있던 ‘안구정화’에게 돌아온 건 또 다시 ‘싱글’ 계약서. 해리는 후속곡으로 ‘안구정화’를 평가하겠다고 하는데, ‘무단횡단’ 외에는 만들어놓은 곡이 없는 ‘안구정화’. 과연 앞으로 ‘안구정화’에게는 어떤 일이?

Translation :

The Eye Candy became the topic of discussion as a consequence of their breathtaking performance in a very music program and rapidly emerged together with the charts, Eye Candy lost their time to be a break because of these skyrocketing popularity. With Eye Candy barely finding a free time, Hyun Soo gets excited with thinking about spending some time alone and continues a trip to the province for your personal activity.

Meanwhile, Eye Candy were ready that HR Entertainment shall be giving them a whole recording contract but instead we were looking at only given a “single” post paid. Hae Ri said that she will be the one to assess attention Candy’s follow up song to “Jaywalking” which is other than the melodies Eye Candy have designed. What will happen upcoming for Eye Candy?

Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep 10 - English Subbed HD Youtube

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