Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion King Ep 8 Synopsis

Synopsis overview for Fashion King Episode 8

Jae Hyuk discovered himself tricked by fresh Gul, and is furious. Jae Hyuk arrived to Young Gul’s purchase, and angrily asks Ga small if she colluded with Young Gul to line him up.

Ga Young who blamed herself drinks together with the colleagues. The drunken Ga young returns for the shop and tell the words inside her heart to be able to Young Gul.
Anna goes to find president Jo. She wants to sign up for hands with president Jo to cope with Ga Young.

Jae Hyuk decides to use Ga Young to strike back against Young Gul. Young Gul immediately goes toward argue with Jae Hyuk as soon as he learned of the item.

Jae Hyuk forces young Gul to sign your declaration that Ga Young stole the planning of Anna. After thorough consideration, he proposes a new win-win solution.

Fashion King Ep 8 Preview

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