Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion King Episode 9 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary for Episode 9 of Fashion King. Young Gul suddenly receives a new call from Mike, and Mike takes initiative to request to fulfill him. Young Gul is definitely excited after learning the news.

Young Gul shows his inner heart to help Ga Young, and Ga youthful takes initiative to make out Young Gul.

Young Gul and Ga Young bring over the fashion of own built to US to meet henry, the two persons re-embark around the path to the play.

Jae Hyuk comes for the hotel where Ga younger is staying, Young Gul just as before misunderstands Jae Hyuk who walks from the room of Ga small.

Jae Hyuk who go back to Korea is arrested by his mother, plus he leaves angrily.

concurrently, the factory of Young Gul finally on the right track, and everyone is delighted.

Fashion King Episode 9 Preview

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