Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Strongest K-POP Survival Ep 10 Synopsis

Synopsis Summary for Episode 10 of The Strongest K-Pop Survival. Chang Min reveals while in front of Woo Hyun and members of M2 Junior that besides Seung Yeon is her, but she is also the niece in the representative.

Woo Hyun suffers a big blow due to the fact that Seung Yeon is usually a woman. Seung Yeon has no choice but in store Woo Hyun’s home to find him. Seung Yeon explains that she's to conceal that proven fact that she is a female as she too wants to become a singer.

Woo Hyun sustains his indifferent attitude, and chases Seung Yeon off from the home. Seung Yeon brings her luggage ahead to Ji Woo’s property.

The Strongest K-POP Survival Ep 10 Preview

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