Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Strongest K-POP Survival Ep 6 Synopsis

Synopsis overview for The Strongest K-POP Survival Episode 6

That showcase time for m2 gofer finally been decided. The members submit their own ideas from basic concept around the stage to the choreography.

If the members are eagerly preparing with anticipation, team innovator Han secretly contacts the actual fans, asking them never to participate in this celebration, but Woo Hyun communicates hope that fans can attend the wedding in the public interview. As the result, around the day of event, the venue is full of people.

Before the operation began, Seung Yeon obtained a call that prepared her that Ji Woo’s grandma is injured. She rushes for the hospital, but left behind the cellular telephone in standby room.

The Strongest K-POP Survival Episode 6 Preview

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