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Welcome Rain to My Life

Welcome Rain to My Life Drama Trailer

Drama Title: Welcome Rain to My Life
Korean Title: 내 인생의 단비
Romanization: Nae Insaeng-ui Danbi
Chinese Name: 我人生的甘雨 / 我人生的甘露
Japanese Name: 我が人生の恵みの雨
Genre: Family
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2 April 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM

Preceded By: Bride of the Sun
Followed By:

Plot Summary / Synopsis

this drama tells the a a line entanglement story happened to the family of a girl’s former superstar father who suddenly reduces due to cerebral hemorrhage, as well as at time, his past wife and hidden love show up one by one.


Lee Da Hee (이다희) as Han Dan Bi (한단비)
Shim Hyung Tak (심형탁) as Lee Seung Joo (이승주)
Ryu Sang Wook (류상욱) as Choi Gyu Won (최규원)
Shin Ju Ah (신주아) as Han Won Mi (한원미)
Kim Hae In (김해인) as Joo Sun Hee (주선희)
Lee Young Ha (이영하) as Han Man Joon (한만준)
Jung Kyung Soon (정경순) as Chun Soo Ryung (천수령)
Geum Bo Ra (금보라) as Oh Min Ah (오민아)
Jung Ae Ri (정애리) as Ryu Ji Sun (류지선)
Jeon Kuk Hwan (전국환) as Ryu Tae Sub (류태섭)
Jo Yang Ja (조양자) as Park Sun Ja (박선자)
Sim So Hun (심소헌) as Kim Eun Nim (김은님)
Lee Gun as Seo Eun Suk
Choi Dae Sung as Jo Ki Dong
Kim Ji Young as Lee Ha Ra
Kim Da Rae as Kang Shin Young
Kook Jung Sook as Moon So Ran
Park Geun Rok as Mr. Kim

Production Credits

Director: Park Yong Soon (박용순)
Screenwriter: Go Bong Hwang (고봉황)


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