Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fashion King Episode 12 Synopsis

Ga younge learns that Young Gul can be sued by J-Fashion when she got back to the factory. Ga Young would go to argue with Jae Hyuk, however Jae Hyuk pays zero atention to her. So Ga Young hangs in the home of Jae Hyuk, does not want to leave.

young Gul calls Ga younger, but unexpectedly the person who accumulates the call is Jae Hyuk, small Guk is furious.

Jae Hyuk’s mother suddenly pays a go to, she is hostile to be able to Ga Young. In order to guard Ga Young, Jae Hyuk includes conflict with mother.

young Gul negotiates with Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk wants Young Gul to offer him the shares around YGM.

Ga Young tells Young Gul the key reason why she goes to perform at Jae Hyuk’s corporation, but Young Gul isn't going to believe her.

Fashion King Episode 12 Preview

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