Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion King Episode 13 Synopsis

Jae Hyuk wishes to acquire all the shares belong to President Jo. President Jo requests to be able to let Jung Ah to be effective at Jae Hyuk’s firm. Then, Jae Hyuk acquires the actual shares of Young Gul.

Jae Hyuk’s company is around to hold selection involving designers, Ga Young can be tempting after knowing that.

Jae Hyuk cummons Ga fresh to his personal lay, and Ga Young ultimately learns that Young Gul offered the brand to Jae Hyuk. nancy startled.

Young Gul makes an arrangement to meet Ga Young, but Ga Young says that she couldn’t attend due to other commitment.

Ga Young is absent-minded over the dinner, she leaves half solution to to to find small Gul.

Fashion King Episode 13 Preview

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