Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodbye Dear Wife Episode 4 Eng Sub

A romantic comedy drama related to a thoughtless husband exactly who dreams of reuniting along with his first lover and the wife who gets confused as her reasonable length of time lover who dumped your ex returns.

Cha Seung Hyuk (Ryu Shi Won) runs a famous sports center and has been married for 5 a long time. In his past, he was a famous fighter with the way they look. Cha Seung Hyuk then married women who was about to get a nun (Hong Soo Hyun). because of their marriage, Cha Seung Hyuk became even more popular as a romantist.

Since then, he has partaken in several commercials and has become the perfect man for women. In real life though, Cha Seung Hyuk is actually sick of married lifetime.

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